Mini Saturn 3D F3A RC Airplane EPO Airplane 22.8 inch WingSpan
 Finally a mini sized 3D plane made with EPO foam, yes ill repeat myself…EPO. As most RC pilots know, almost every micro or mini 3d plane or even pattern birds have been molded or cut with EPP which is light in weight but flexes during flight.
Take a look at the control surfaces, especially on the ailerons…

Lets talk about the motor mount, again a very first and unique mount that hugs the nose keeping motor from shifting. Although this is a profile plane, the small hatch above the nose is magnetic and slightly extruded to hide your electronics, simply a beautiful design.

This model is plug and fly,  the servos, motor and the speed controller is pre installed, so the only thing needed to take flight is your own transmitter, receiver and a small 2 sell lipo battery at 300mAh.

Easy to build
Powerful brushless 2S power system
Light density EPO foam construction..30% lighter than standard EPO
Plug and Fly version with motor ESC and servos
Large control surfaces ideal for aerobatic and 3D flight

Wingspan: 580mm
Servo: 2.5g micro x 3 (included)
Motor: 1306-10 3100KV (included)
Flying Weight: 120~140g
Length: 690mm
ESC: 6A (included)
Propeller: GWS 6030 (included)

Mini Saturn Airplane (PNF)
All necessary hardware

4CH transmitter and receiver
2S 7.4V 200~300mAh lipoly battery

Mini Saturn 3D F3A RC Airplane EPO Airplane 22.8 inch WingSpan electric

light weight small rc 3d plane

RTF 3d plane

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This model is temporarily not being shipped due to shortage of balsa wood and other personal reasons. If you have placed an order and still waiting for your glider, we will either ship it to you sometime soon or issue a full refund. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.

The very first in its size and class, the Opteryx Micro DLG RC Plane stands at 1.3oz ( 36 grams ) with a wing span of only 22″ inches, its the smallest balsa DLG glider that will take new heights, Literally .  Small enough to fit in  your palm, yet strong enough for the hardest throws, the Opteryx DLG glider is a streamlined design with reinforced carbon fiber running across the wings all the way to the launch peg.

Easy assembly is the beauty of this micro rc bird with very few parts, it should take no more than an hour to assemble. All parts are laser cut using the finest balsa wood and birch plywood, carbon fiber pushrods, peg and  reinforced carbon fiber tubes within each wing, you can hand launch this micro RC bird like glider over 100 feet and glider her right in your palm or catch thermals and fly for 30 minutes, yes 30 minutes with just one battery which is included in the kit.

With detailed instructions, you simply lay each peace on the plan and use think CA glue to join all the parts like a puzzle.

The Opteryx DLG has  incredibly tight handling with low wing loading which performs beautifully from 30 minute constant thermal flight to slope gliding.
Launch Peg can be installed for left handed or right handed throws.

22″ inch wing span
AUW ( total weight ) 1.4oz or 40 grams
100Mah 1S lipo
2X Micro 1.7gram servos
4Ch Micro 2.4Ghz Receiver 2 grams

Kit Includes:
Laser cut balsa and birch wood
Hollow Carbon rods 2x for the wings
Carbon push rods
Launch Peg
4x Shrink Tubes
4x Z bends
2x control horns
Coverite Microlite Transparent Covering sheet ( choose  your color below )
Step by Step instructions ( total installation time 1 hour, depending on experience )

2x micro servos
1x Micro Receiver/Transmitter
Medium CA glue (crazy glue)
100-130Mah 1s Lipo Battery
Trim Iron ( heat iron to cover wings )
Your own transmitter22 inch micro dlg hlg hand launch glider plane RC radio control toyblue-opteryx-DLG-20-inch-thermal-glider-micro-rc-glider-plane
DLG Glider micro mini nano
micro HLG hand RC glider

OPTERYX DLG thermal glider bird plane

Opteryx Micro DLG glider

OPTERYX DLG thermal glider bird plane

Coverite 21st Century Microlite Transparent Yellow covering, For more colors, send us an email.
coverite Microlite transparent yellow

United States Orders International Orders


Kit requires assembly

(RTF) Ready to fly version comes with servos built in, receiver, Lipo battery, DSM2 ready, entire kit is covered ready to fly.


Kit requires assembly

(RTF) Ready to fly version comes with servos built in, receiver, Lipo battery, DSM2 ready, entire kit is covered ready to fly.

NOTE: Tracking number is not included on international orderes due to the high price.

Any return for a refund may be subject to a 20% restocking fee on RTF versions (only) due to building time. This fee may be waived for the following reasons:

  • Received incorrect product
  • Product was an extra item not ordered
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