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Spektrums new AR6400 is a 6 channel ultra micro receiver with integrated servos, speed control and ParkZones X-Port technology. The AR6400 is designed for ultra-micro and ultra light foamy aircraft. Featuring DSM2 technology the AR6400 is compatible with all Spektrum, JR, E-flite, ParkZone 2.4GHz DSM2 transmitters.
This little unit is super light weight at under 4 grams making it the lightest receiver servo and esc combo in the RC market. Although this is a brushed ESC, you can always connect the micro ESC from HobbyKing XP 3A 1S 0.7g Brushless Speed Controller.

Key Features:
Two integrated linear servos (elevator and rudder) plus two additional servo ports
Compatible with optional Spektrum 1.5-gram linear ultra-micro servos SPMAS2000
Integrated brushed speed control
Compatible with external brushless speed controls (optional)
1mm JST connections
Weighs just 3.9 grams
Small, compact footprint
Single LiPo operation
Smart Bind technology
X-Port allows for future expansion

Type: DSM2 micro receiver with integrated brushed ESC & two linear servos
No. of Channels: 6 channels or 4 channels plus X-Port
Modulation: DSM2
Band: 2.4GHz
Dimensions (WxLxH): 27.75 x 23.45 x 8.10mm (1.09 x 0.92 x 0.32 inch)
Weight: 0.14 oz. / 3.9 g
Voltage Range: 1-cell LiPo 3.2 to 4.2V
Antenna Length: 31mm

Force: 2.8 oz. / 79.3 g
Stroke: 7.4mm / 0.29″
Speed: 0.14 sec

Speed Controller:
Type: Integrated brushed
Max continuous current: 2.0 amps


Spektrum AR6400




Micro 1A Speed Controller




Additional servos for the AR6400



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Neu Motors

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1100 Series Motors
The 1100 series motors are ideal for small to mid-sized planes and helicopters. Available with gear drives and special helicopter versions. Power ranges from 75-1,000 watts.
Neutrino 1200 Series Motors
NeuMotor’s smallest and lightest motor to date! And yes it is a “outrunner” The Neutrino is a fresh design that takes the outrunner design further with twice the number of stator teeth(24 vs 12) and 26 magnet poles vs the usual 14.
1400 Series Motors
The 1400 series fits in applications that require a standard 36mm diameter motor. The 1400 shares the same rotor with the 1500 series motor. This motor is perfect for cars,trucks and buggies that need a 36mm motor.
1500 Series Motors
The 1500 series motors range offer very high efficiency for demanding applications. There are many available options for custom applications. A few options include versions with internal cooling fans, and 8mm shafts. Power ranges from 150 watts to over 4,000 watts.
1700 Series Motors
The 1700 series motors is a scaled down version of the 1900 series motor perfect for the T-Rex 500 heli on 6.
1900 Series Motors
The 1900 series motors are “torque monsters”. The 24 slot 8 pole motors can generate huge amounts of torque in a compact light weight package. Power ranges from 100 watts to 3,000 watts.
2200 Series Motors
The 2200 motors are for the most extreme power users! They have proven to be great power providers for the larger 25-40% scale IMAC planes. Power ranges from 2,000-10,000 watts.
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