One question i have been asked many times specially on forums and even occasional emails from RC enthusiasts is; “What is the best transmitter for me as a beginner or advanced pilot and which brand should i go with“.

Before i answer this question, here are some transmitters from well known companies.

Airtronics SD-10G
Airtronics SD-10G
Futaba 7CFutaba 7C Futaba 8FGA Futaba 8FGA Futaba T3VCS Futaba T3VCS
Futaba T10CHG Futaba T10CHG Futaba T12FGH Futaba T12FGH futaba t14mz
futaba t14mz
Hitec Optic 6 Hitec Optic 6
JR DSX9 JR  DSX9 jr 12x transmitter jr 12x transmitter spektrum dx6i spektrum dx6i spektrum dx7 spektrum dx7

Above are some high end Transmitters ranging from $150 to $2000

The question is, do you really need to spend thousands even hundreds to fly your plane or helicopter? The answer is a simple NO.
There are only a hand full of reasons why one would spend $500 or more on a radio system, and below are some of these reasons.

1. ball-bearing sticks for smoother stick management
2. touch screen menu
Direct access to timers
4. More options and buttons for professional helicopter and glider pilots

I really cannot think of any other reason why one would spend thousands on a radio system when a simple 6 channel radio can do the job just as well, even a 4 channel for that matter.
I personally use the Spektrum DX6i which has all the capabilities of all the radios listed above with the fraction of the price. It has Sub-trims, servo reversing, dual rates, expo & EPA with limits, can hold 10 model memory at once, a full range 2.4GHz DSM2 6-channel radio, servosync, Gyro adjust, Graphic throttle curve, Graphic pitch curve, P-mixes, Revo mix, Swash type and so on.

The DX6i is simple to use, user friendly and very easy to navigate through the menu, and best part of it, it only costs $130 without a receiver and $180 with a receiver. If you are a new pilot even a skillful pilot and want the best in radio and functionality, the DX6i is the way to go. If you have money to throw away and are willing to buy the best, you can go with the Futaba T14mz, amazing radio, fully packed with touch screen, color screen, ball bearing sticks, and other nifty options that a new RC pilot will never use for at least 3 years, but one thing to remember is, the radio is just a tool, what really matters is how good of a pilot you are even with an FM 4ch radio. So grab yourself a low budget radio, learn the art of flight and once you feel the time has come for an upgrade, you may then go with a higher end model. Continue reading

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Tim_Flying_Bird-762543As a kid, i was always fascinated with flight, specially that of our wonderful flapping friends, the birds. My very first flying toy was the Schylling Flying Bird, which was powered by a big rubber band. The Flying Bird was and still is a classic toy that has been around for 30 some years. You simply wind up the bird and it flies by flapping its wings and can go up to 50 yards.

FlappingFlight is a company that has produced a wonderful replica of this plastic flying bird toy i mentioned above that is in my opinion one of the more solid designs when it comes to ornithopters. a 48″ wingspan 29.5″ overall length and has a 500 wing area a total of 15 ounce flying weight, the Slow Hawk is a CAD designed, CNC manufactured 3 channel RC ornithopter designed by Sean Kinkade . It comes “almost ready to fly” ( ARF) with a high level of pre-assembly.

The Slow Hawk can alternate between flapping its wings for elevation and straight flight or simply gliding flight at your command. It has a soft, gentle glide when locked in with the glide-loc, but also glides well with the wings in the up position for fail safe landings.

Wingsail and tail are made from top quality zero porosity, UV resistant, polycarbonate coated rip-stop fabric and Dacron. The fuselage frame is CNC machined from durable G-10 epoxy-glass which is weatherproof and extremely durable yet light. Kit features solid carbon wing spars, Delrin and steel gears, precision CNC machined aluminum parts, large choice of colors, high efficiency design.

Here is a picture and a video of this wicked ornithopter

Ornithopter slow hawk 2


If you’ve got the money, this wicked toy is sure to get some attention at the field, at a pretty hefty price tag of roughly $400 Continue reading

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