Having gone through 3 funjets in the last year or so, i finally realized why they call it a FUNjet. The secret in having fun with this jet is to keep your plane under 15oz. Sure you can still have fun if your setup is geared towards high speed, say if you run a mega 16/15/4 on a 2100mah 4s lipo, you will most probably reach speeds of 100+ or more, but the flying patten will pretty much be high speed passes or an occasional loop and maybe a crash or two. Now keeping this jet light weight, its not only easy to fly and super maneuverable as you can see in the video below, it also lowers the risk of a crash. My setup on this funjet is:

MicroDAN 2505-2900 Kv outrunner at 35grams ONLY
4 cell 1000Mah lipo battery
40amp turnigy ESC
2x HXT 900 servos

here is a picture and a video of the Multiplex funjet in action.