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Although never a fan of lumpy bumpy plumpy planes, the designer of the GeeBee also known as the GB Sportster really had speed in mind. Granville Brothers Aircraft designed the GeeBee back in 1932 here in the USA. With a plumpy fuselage and short wings, this aircraft was build for speed and won the Thompson Trophy race in 1932 piloted by Jimmy Doolittle. He also set a new world landplane speed record of 296 mph. Nothing aerodynamic about this plane, but its short wings and thin airfoil gives it speed like a flying brick so having said that, its not an easy plane to fly. The GeeBee is considered a plane only to be flown by experts that have an understanding of aeronautics as the GeeBee has very small wings with very low polar moment of inertia and tiny control surfaces made for an aircraft that could rapidly get away from all but the most skilled pilots.

So if you are a skilled RC pilot and looking to impress the onlookers and yourself with a beautiful design and speed, look no further.

With a wingspan of 1850mm ( 72 inches ) 120 size fiberglass, this model comes as an ARF and includes water decals pre applied, landing gear is completed with beautiful wheel pants and 5mm spring steel struts.
Wing Span : 1850mm
Length : 1160mm
Servo: 4 x Standard Servo
Motor: Glow: 120, Gas 30cc or electric Eqivilent


All electronics
Motor System

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="503" caption="GeeBee RC Plane Nitro Gass Electric"][/caption]

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="505" caption="GeeBee RC Plane Nitro Gass Electric"][/caption]


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I truly love flying RC jets, i mean as an RC pilot, who doesn’t right? I have pretty much seen and flown every RC jet from the F-14 Tomcat, the MIG 15, the F-18 Super Hornet to the simple and in my opinion the funnest jet, the Funjet by Multiplex. No matter which jet you decide to buy and fly, it ultimately comes down to two factors, the scale look of the jet and/or the speed of the jet. To often i see these wicked looking F-14 ducted fan jets that look absolutely breathtaking from the scale look to the minuscule decals, but lack the speed in which a jet is suppose to perform. Although some RC pilots love to fly these beautiful RC jets in slow motion and enjoy a slow flyby, i on the other hand DONT.

To the point of this article:

The wicked looking Concept X64 by Nitro Planes seems to be the perfect plane from a design perspective. Impressive aerodynamic look, which seems to be using the SN26 Mod style airfoil which is build for speed. This plane design seems to mimic the British Jets the Red Arrow. The design is very similar and i bet the designer of the Concept X64 had the blue prints of the Red Arrow when designing the jet.

Here they are side by side.

British Red Arrow Concept X64
Red Arrow RC plane Concept x64

Now if you are like me and enjoy that adrenalin rush of a speed jet and are looking to purchase the Concept X64 from Nitro Planes, i suggest loosing the ducted fan and converting this bad boy into a pusher, unless you want to enjoy your slow flybys while gazing into the clear blue skies wondering what you will be having for dinner that very evening. 🙂 Continue reading

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