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i love this combination, a sailplane that is also a glider and a hotliner at the same time. With the right setup, you can sail the sky with or without wind, you can rip the sky like a hotliner or simply glide at will. This is a 69″ wingspan glider with some serious flying characteristics. The specs suggests to use a 3S lipo on a 1800kv outrunner motor, but i would use the MicroDAN 2505-2900 Kv outrunner on a 4S 1000mAh lipo and a 45Amp ESC, keeping the plane super light and at the same time powerful. a 5×5 prop will do or for more thrust, you can use an APC 6 x 4, 20200 RPM, 9.98V, 30A, 25oz Thrust.
Here are some pictures of the Samurai ARF RC Sailplane Glider Hotliner

Samurai ARF RC Sailplane hotliner

Wingspan: 69 in.
Length: 41-3/4 in.
Wing area: 462 sq in.
Flying Weight: 33 oz. (with battery)
Fiberglass fuselage w/aluminum motor mount
Carbon fiber tailboom
Sheeted foam wings w/genuine Oracover
2820 Brushless Outrunner motor 1800kv
45A Brushless ESC
30mm Aluminum turbo spinner
10×6 Carbon filled prop blades Continue reading

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My first impression of this super slick Hotliner by hobby people is “WOW” from the slick composite black white and red design to its affordable price tag.
At only $120, you can break speeds up to 170mph with this bad boy. Although the setup states to use a 3S lipo, i would most def stick a 4S on a mega 2 turn inrunner motor on a gear box spinning a 9x or a 10x prop. You will need 3 metal gear servos that can pull at least Torque @ 4.8V: 4.6 kg/cm. Enough talk,here are some pics of the BH Sonic Hotliner

BH Sonic Hotliner Electric 78 inch hobby people

BH Sonic Hotliner Electric 78 inch super fast plane

ARF 95% complete
Includes travel case made of light-ply, epoxy coated, with handle.
Under cambered wings
Pre installed landing gear
Access hatch for battery held closed by neodymium magnets
Wings fully sheeted
Covered with oracover
Pre-installed hinging for ailerons and elevator


Wingspan: 2000mm 78.74in
Length: 990mm 38.98in
Weight: 1kg 2.2lbs Continue reading

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