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Here are hand picked cool color schemes of 3D planes from members all over the world who either used air brush or simple spray paint to paint their electric foamie model planes.
Some of these models are GP extra, Infineon f3p, juka 3d foamie, Juka 55, Keima Foamie F3P, Mark Leseberg Osiris 3d foam plane, Pocket Knife 3d electric plane, Razorback JR 3D, skua dw foamies biplane 3d, yak 54… Continue reading

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The F-20 TigerShark was built the day i was born, 1975, an expensive private project started by Northrop and was not funded by the government, when the Reagan Administration decided to allow international sales of the F-16, the F-20 program was shut down. The F-20 Tigershark  is powered by a General Electric F404 engine that produces 17,000 pounds of thrust. The F404 is recognized as one of the world’s most… Continue reading

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