About Us

Sky hobby has just seen a big re fit! we have taken the site, that largely dealt with RC Planes….and opened it up to the wider RC & Hobby community.

We also have new sections for those interested in Stunt Kiting or Model Railways, to get involved and share articles, info and use our hobby classifieds.

The site is managed by Jim Daniels. He is the go to guy regarding anything to do with the general running of the site. Martin Green handles advertising/partnerships etc.

Despite being run by UK based hobby enthusiasts the site is a global entity with its following mainly, currently, USA based.

We have added:

  • A classifieds section to buy & Sell, advertise your groups/events & also find a friend/companionship within the RC/Hobby world.
  • An RC Store, packed with great RC bargains from Drones to RC cars. We also have a Merchandise Section where you can support the Sky High Hobby Community with branded clothing & Key rings etc. All well priced and high quality.
  • Membership. You can join for FREE or pay UNDER $2.50 A MONTH for the benefits of, 10% discount on all store items, no advertising, group chat coordination, more classified posts, better classified listings, site advertising and much much more. It helps support the community and is great value for money….so win win. All Classified posts are interactive through comments.
  • Articles. You have a wide range of topics. From RC Cars…..to RC Helicopters. Each article has a comment section where you can contribute, debate and share opinions. We really want to build these out so users can gain incites beyond their own expertise as well as create a place to debate controversial RC or hobby related ideas. You can always set up an article to ask a question or gain advice. We find this gains more search engine attention than merely posting on a forum.
  • Live messaging groups. Form a group, (Premium Members), or join one (Free Members), and chat away in real time. Discuss meets, topics of interest, products you want to buy/sell, anything as long as it remains respectful to the T’s & C’s. You don’t have to share numbers or details….just chat with your username.

Our Goal Is…..

To create a community where people can buy/sell, inform and debate, make friends and grow their particular hobby groups.

All products we sell are tested to be both high quality and well priced…..there is too much competition about not to. Our products match or better other products within their price brackets……we are ardent about this. You know you are buying a top class product at an unbeatable price here!! If we cannot sell at a decent price, or the quality is poor…..we don’t stock it!

We are always open to feedback about the stuff we sell. It is sold to help fund the community site, yet we don’t want people being unhappy with pricing or quality if they have a fair dispute about either. You can always air you reviews to us and we WILL take action to improve.

Feel Welcome To Contribute!

It doesn’t matter what level you are at within your hobby, whether you are Shakespearean in your writing or just human like the rest of us. You are free to contribute through your account. Tell of your journey, ask questions, impart any knowledge you have as it will always benefit other people out there who had the same issue as you.

We will accept any articles/posts that are relevant and not simply promotion, we have a classifieds section for that. We do offer promotional articles, like reviews, inquiries need to be mailed to us to consider and price up. We will not lie about any products in reviews or offer people a platform to lie or cheat others.

Partnerships to sell products through our store and to be mentioned in any newsletter can also be discussed through mail with details through the above link.


All complaints are taken seriously. If other members are the cause we will take action. If you have issue with something you have purchased from us….we will resolve it. We protect free speech here, but wont tolerate anything that is deemed threatening or libelous.

Our main set of rules are the following:

  • Respect The Site
  • Respects The Hobby
  • Respect Each Other