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The exciting and detailed world of model trains lives here. Thousands enjoy the activity of model trains and creating the railways and worlds those trains live in. We provide articles on all things model train related and welcome contributions from those who have information or experiences that should be shared. We cover topics like:

  • Tools 
  • Model reviews & opinions
  • Strategies to help make better models
  • Personal stories and builds

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We want to be able to provide interesting and helpful posts to all Model Train enthusiasts, however experienced they may be. We ask that you use the comments to correct anything that may be off in the posts here. Add anything missing information wise there. The more correct info we have, the better a resource this community will become for those looking to learn and grow within it.

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Reviews & Opinions

Anybody’s reviews or opinions are welcomed as posts or comments here. Please make sure all points are backed up with evidence, or are more than just idle bashing of a company, person or organization. We are not responsible for what people write about on this site, but we will remove anything that is malicious. If you lie about a particular incident or situation and this is proved then your posts will be removed and membership canceled. This site can only survive with people being honest and looking to help each other enjoy the world of Model Trains.