R/C Boating

Articles & Posts For All R/C Boating Enthusiasts.

This part of Sky High Hobby is dedicated to all the R/C Boating enthusiasts out there. Articles deal with:

  • Help with R/C Boating in general. Tips  to improve your handling skills
  • Maintenance & repair help
  • Reviews & opinions on models and clubs
  • Help with getting started
  • Tips for racing and competitions or merely just using the boat for fun

This video will guide you on adding your own articles

Whatever level of experience you are at you will be able to read articles that can help and interest you, as well as contribute your own opinions and articles to the group. We also have resident experts and contributors providing articles too. You are welcome to leave your opinions on these in the comments, try not to be too harsh…..

What Kind Of Posts Should I Write?

You can write about anything to do with R/C boats and boating in general. How about:

  • Your journey, how you started and what you have learned
  • Questions for others to answer about areas you are struggling with
  • Opinions on anything relating to Radio Controlled boats
  • Tips to help others gain from your experience

As long as what you are writing isn’t malicious and can be nacked up clearly, we are happy to post it.

Help For R/C Boaters

We want to make sure that this site provides help to anyone looking to grow their knowledge and experience in this exciting hobby field. Any post we place has been read through to make sure it can offer the community something, even if that is someone’s opinion. The comments section is where you can disagree or add to the subject matter of the post.

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