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All Things Related To Radio Controlled Cars.

This section is for all things R/C Car. We carry articles for anyone involved with R/C cars. From beginners to experts.  Our articles cover:

  • Tips and pointers on what to buy
  • Fixes & repair strategy
  • Help to drive your car better
  • Equipment handling advice

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You can leave your own opinions in the comments, anyone is welcome to air their opinion. If you see something incorrect then, by all means, CHALLENGE IT!

R/C Car Articles

It doesn’t matter if your interests are off-roading with your car or racing. We want to be able to provide articles that are interesting to all experience levels. Our writers strive to provide content that will teach and inform as well as pass on opinion. Those contributing from our members do the same, though with the benefit of very interesting stories about their journey. 

Can I Send In An R/C Car Article?

Yes…of course, all members are welcome to contribute content…make sure it meets our criteria set out on the page in the above link. Why not establish yourself as an authority by sharing your knowledge with others on the world’s favorite hobby community? If you are a beginner make sure you don’t make claims that are wrong or unfounded……you will get found out pretty quickly.

I’m New To R/C Cars. Will This section Help me?

Absolutely. We have articles that will help anybody….from a beginner to those who have been racing and driving R/C cars for years. You are welcome to write about your journey from the bottom up….and if you are already at the top….explain to others how to get there!

If you have an article on radio controlled cars that is newsworthy then please make sure you place it here. Any other articles that fall outside of the news, or an advert that would suit our classifieds here, please place it in this section.