R/C Drones

Radio Controlled Drone Articles, Posts & Comments.

This part of our Sky High Hobby community is dedicated to articles covering the wonderful world of R/C Drones or Quadcopters as they are often called. We cover topics like:

  • Maintenance and repair
  • Landing and flying tips
  • Laws regarding the flying of drones
  • Reviews and opinions on products and groups

You can have a look at the video on this page if you want guidance on how to add your own content.

You can add comments to input information or correct anything that may not be quite right. By becoming a member you can add comments as well as send in posts to be published. You can also recommend groups and meets as well as places that are safe and enjoyable to fly drones.

What Kind Of Drone Articles Should I post?

We want all sorts….but we don’t want you to “drone” on. Post that can help a newbie out, or explain how to fix or repair something are always welcomed. Reviews and opinion pieces are also a good idea, though we will not publish malicious posts so make sure you can back up anything you propose in a review article. Any promotional stuff should be placed in our classified section over here.

If you have a breaking news story, perhaps about a competition win…or an article about something that is news related then you can place an article here.

We also provide articles from writers and those subjects can be anything from racing and the legal side to R/C Drone flying, to ways to improve the flying experience. You are welcome to add comments to these posts…..let us know what you think.

I am New To Drone Flying. Will I Understand The Articles?

The simple answer to this is yes…and if you don’t feel free to ask any questions in the comments. Someone is bound to help you out and give you the benefit of their wisdom and experience. We cater for all levels of drone flyer. From the beginner right through to the more experienced flyer…..the goal is to have a community where everyone can learn and share something from the articles.