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How Do The Gliders Stay In The Air?

Much like a Hot Air Balloon they rely on rising hot air. a balloon supplies it’s own hot air. For the R/C enthusiast is all about finding those thermals. On a good day you can gain a great deal of flight time from finding the right thermal up flow. On a bad day it can be a difficult hobby to “get off the ground”.

To Launch there are a number of methods that are all self explanatory:

  • Hand towing, basically running to create up draft
  • Towing with another R/C plane
  • Winch Launching
  • Bunjee or high start launching. (Basically a giant sling shot to launch the Glider)
  • Hand launching. (You literally move as if you are throwing the hammer in the Olympics to get it to have enough whip to soar)

The Difference Between R/C Gliders & R/C Planes

As I explained above the glider soars on thermals. It will have a small motor to help with stability. It is totally dependent, as it it’s larger REAL SIZED gliders, on air up draft to keep flying

A plane is powered by it’s motors and although updraft thermals help, it is the engines that keep it aloft. Just like in the none model world where prop planes rely on their engine, whilst gliders rely on the good nature of ….well..nature.

R/C Gliders

Is Gliding For Me?

Tough to answer. maybe start with a drone or plane first and see how you handle those. They power themselves so the hit and miss with the weather is not as important as it is with gliding. If you think you have the patience to learn and wait on the weather then you may well think your time to have a go at gliding is right.

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