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R/C Helicopter Articles & Community.

Welcome to the part of our site that deals with R/C Helicopter posts and articles. The posts in this section will cover many different topics such as:

  • Tips on flying and landing R/C helicopters
  • Maintenance tips and repair help
  • Opinions and reviews of products and groups/clubs
  • Advice on equipment

We have an excellent video over on this page if you need guidance on adding your own articles.

This section is solely for radio Controlled Helicopters NOT DRONES. You can read about and contribute articles about R/C Drones through this hyperlink.

Can I Find Articles For Newbies?

You can and will. You can also add articles yourself about your journey from a newbie to an ace helicopter king! Plenty of experts supply articles that take on board all aspects of the flying experience. From take off to landing. There will also be a lot of help in the comments for those who are looking to get started in the world of flying R/C Choppers.


The comment section for articles is a great place to add your own thoughts or add extra information to someone struggling with whatever the article’s topic is. We only ask that people are respectful and none malicious in their commenting…..we are all part of the same community and we prefer to see people help those who may know less than they do as opposed to attacking them.

Everything Else To Do with R/C Helicopters

This section is for literally EVERYTHING to do with radio controlled helicopter flying. For those looking to place a news story then please add to our R/C News section. If you want to sell or promote something then please use the classifieds.