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Radio Controlled Military Vehicle Articles.

This part of the site is dedicated to posts about all things relating to R/C Military Vehicles

  • R/C military jets, Helicopters & Drones
  • R/C tanks & military trucks etc
  • R/C naval vessels, ships, submarines

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We cover all the above and any other military vehicle you can think of. Enjoy the articles or feel free to contribute your own story!

How Do I Get A Story Published About My Military R/C vehicle?

Simply click through this link to join as a member. It’s FREE. Then send us your posts through your account. If it is a news piece then it goes here. If it is related to selling something or promoting your group, or something like that, then use our classifieds section through here. Otherwise, send your article to us here to publish. It can be about:

  • Your own experience with your R/C military vehicle
  • Tips or Help with issues others may find helpful
  • Review of a Particular product
  • Anything to do with you and R/C Military vehicles

What Do We Hope To ProvideFor Our Readers?

We want to provide articles that can help our readers learn something about the world of R/C Military Vehicles whether they be new to the hobby, or have been doing it for years. We also want to open up debate and have comments that correct mistakes or offer alternative approaches to situations.

Our community is not here to provide open advertising for people to big up their products. This can be done in our Classifieds section linked above, but we are happy to post genuine reviews of products or clubs….as long as they are not inaccurate or vicious hit pieces. We do not want to harm peoples businesses for now reason.

Mostly we want people to be able to read something and add it to their knowledge. Posts that are therefore going to encourage sharing and that people will invest their time reading are going to be the ones we post!

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