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What Shall I Write About?

Any news that is R/C related. It could be a competition that has happened, or is upcoming, news about a particular brand or perhaps something you have achieved yourself, personally. All we ask is that is you make it interesting and as informative as possible. Add images/photos/video etc to make it something other people will enjoy reading and sharing. If you know something is happening, or going to happen, in the R/C world, make sure you tell us all about it in this section!! please try to make sure each post has at least 300 words so that enough information can be passed on to readers. Also, all content must be original content and not copied from other sites, or other pages on this site. ALL UNORIGINAL CONTENT WILL BE REMOVED. DO NOT COPY CONTENT FROM HERE FOR OUR CLASSIFIEDS SECTION.

Types Of Stories We Want:
  • Results of big competitions
  • Reviews of new products hitting the market
  • Opinions on stories in the mainstream news relating to R/C hobbies

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We have thousands of visitors every week that are coming to the site. Visitors come here to read up on current R/C news, learn and share information with like-minded people. All posts are also indexed on the search engines. This means literally, millions of readers can read your articles once you place them here. YOUR USER NAME WILL BE ASSOCIATED WITH THE POST THAT BROKE THE STORY TO WHAT COULD BE LITERALLY MILLIONS OF READERS!

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