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Welcome to the Sky High Hobby section for R/C Planes. We cover aspects of flying like take off, landing and everything in between. Some of the things we write about here are:

  • Maintaining the plane
  • Tips to improve the whole flying experience
  • Safety issues
  • Opinions and also reviews

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If you have something to share then make sure you sign up here and create an account. You can then place articles, or post comments. It doesn’t matter what you write about as long as it is to do with R/C planes. If you are a beginner then share what you have learned thus far. More experienced flyers can share their considerable wisdom and help their peers gain a better experience.

What R/C Plane Posts Do People Read?

The truth is ANYTHING. as long as it is interesting and shines a light on a particular aspect of the Radio Controlled flying experience…there will be people who want to read about it. Remember all our posts are indexed on Google so you have thousands of our visitors as well as millions from Google to target with your content.

Please remember to add copyright free video and images where appropriate to help the reader experience. The better the post the more people will enjoy reading it.

Can I Sell My R/C Plane Here?

This section isn’t for selling or promoting. we have a classified section here for that. By all means, sell your plane there. If what you want to inform about upcoming events or news you can use the classifieds or our news section.

Be Nice!

Please do not attack or leave malicious reviews. We run a community for people to share and help each other along the R/C Hobby superhighway. Reviews or opinions must be backed up with more than nasty words.

Not everyone will know as much as you, there may be errors in someone’s post or account. Please use the comments to be constructive rather than destructive.