Stunt Kiting

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The world of Stunt Kiting is an exciting and energetic one. Here we look to provide articles that can inform and keep readers up to date with the latest tips, products and general kiting information to help keep them on top of what is going on in the world of stunt kiting.

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We provide articles on topics such as:

  • Stunt tips and instruction
  • Product reviews and opinion
  • maintenance and repair tips for kites

We encourage you to contribute your articles. Just sign up for FREE and become a member….then send us in your posts. Just make sure they are interesting and will interest readers who want to read about stunt kiting topics.

I Am New To Stunt Kiting. Can I Contribute Here?

We are always on the lookout for new content. Of course a newbie can post, let us know your story, what you are struggling with and what you have learned. There will be plenty of other people new to stunt kiting who will benefit from learning from what you have gone through and how you solved any problems along the way! Stunt kiting may not have a radio controller…..but it is just as fun and exhilarating as racing a car or boat….if a little more physically taxing.

How Can I write A decent Kiting Post?

Make sure grammar and spelling are correct. That is the easy part. As for content make it as information-rich as you can. explain solutions to any issues as best you can and make sure you provide relevant images/videos as you go along to make your post as enjoyable to read as possible. We recommend posts be over 350 words so that Google will rank them better on their search engine to provide more of an audience for the posters themselves.

Stunt Kiting is a growing hobby, with more and more people involved in it every year. We have over a thousand kiters looking through this section a week. Get involved here and share your knowledge/experiences either by posts or in the comments section. Let’s help those who are new or struggling to get a decent foot into the Sky Kiting world and learn to enjoy it as much as those who have been doing it for far longer.