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Can R/C Tanks Really Fire?

Published: July 4, 2019


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R/C tanks have never been more popular than they are today. These fun toys allow you to play war without leaving your home. R/C tanks are easy to use, good family fun, and work for all ages – anyone from six to sixty can enjoy them.

This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about R/C tanks. But before we proceed to that, look at them go!

How Do They Fire?

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This first point may seem obvious, but trust us, it’s not – at least not to everyone. R/C tanks don’t shoot real shells. Usually, the main gun shoots BB units and is air soft. Today, all kinds of tanks are available on the market. Some brands feature cannon fire sounds. Others can spit smoke. Still others come with engine running sounds. Finally, there are models that can shoot BBs to foes.

There are three categories to pick from: model tanks, air soft tanks, and infrared battle tanks. Your choice depends on the functions and features you’re looking for, including power and capability. More information about this is available in the next section.

What Capacity and Power Should I Look For?

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The best R/C tanks are scaled models of tanks used by the military. These models replicate the real thing. They smoke, make the right sounds, and have a realistic feel. They recoil when they fire. The movement of the turret should provide optimal shooting range and flexibility. This would be the case if the turret can move vertically by at least 35 degrees and horizontally by at least 300.

Look for range of up to 75 feet, but at least 50, and capacity between 20 and 50 BB.

We’ve outlined some great tank features below:

·         Recoil action when cannon fire

·         Simulative Engine and Cannon Sound

·         Can load up to 50 bullets

·         Multiple-Speed Control

·         Equipped with High Grip Caterpillar

How Many Air Soft BBs Should I Add?

Experts recommend loading a maximum of 15 BBs at a time. You risk your system jamming if you overfill your chamber.

How Safe are R/C Tanks?

Very, you’d be pleased to know – when used the right way, of course. Always make sure your BBs are stored securely if you are using an air soft model to avoid incidents. Some say minor accidents like tripping over the gadget are inevitable if you’re using it at home, but they are still pesky. Store the device in a closet when it’s not in use, especially if you have small kids around.

Always assume the tank is loaded. Read all instructions before use and don’t point the gun at yourself or anyone else. Don’t leave small or immature people alone with it.

How to Shoot an R/C Tank?

If the target is far away, aim slightly above it. For every foot away from the target, the BB will drop a few inches.

Take the wind into account if you’re using relatively lightweight BBs. Heavy gusts will affect the shot. The wind impact is directly proportional to the distance there is to the target.

Always be aware of what the maximum distance of the cannon is. As mentioned, there is great variability in this regard. Some tanks can shoot at a distance of 70 feet, while others – just 10.

Why is My Tank Not Shooting?

We get annoyed when they tell us this, but it’s valid for every device in the world – switch it off, then switch it back on and see what happens. If it’s still not shooting after that, there might be a BB lodged in the chamber. Dislodge using a compressed air canister.

Do RC Tanks Need Oil?

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If you buy an R/C tank that can smoke, you’ll need to purchase smoke oil as well. Remember that the chamber needs to warm up for your device to start smoking. You can keep the tank oiled if you want to. We recommend using oil to clean out the system once a month to make sure all parts remain operative.  

What is the Best Surface to Operate an R/C Tank On?   

It depends on the model. Some tanks work well on all surfaces, including soil, carpet, and tile. Lower-grade models require smooth terrain. Ask about this before committing to a specific model.

Are R/C Tanks 100% Legal?  

Not 100%. Exceptions exist if you want to export one. Depending on the law of the country you wish to export to, it might be illegal due to its resemblance to a real weapon. For example, BB guns have been banned. If you still want to go ahead, have the BB function removed. When the tank arrives, you can convert it to fire a BB. You also need to declare it at customs.

All of this might seem like too much trouble – in this case head to a local shop and buy one, order one for domestic shipping, or try making one yourself. Keep in mind exporting anything with projectiles is illegal as well.  

How Do I Know Which Model is Right for Me?

We’ll end with one of the most common questions: what model should I choose with so many options around? Do I need realistic features like sound and smoke? Simply put, it depends on how you want to use the tank. Devices that have a recoil barrel and the ability to make sounds and smoke when they shoot are more appealing to users looking for a profound R/C experience.

Are Good R/C Tanks Expensive?

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A lot of people labor under the misconception that great features cost a lot of money. Today, most of these devices have excellent features that you don’t need to break the bank for. It’s possible to get a firing, rotating, and smoking tank at a very affordable price. What you ultimately end up with depends on your intentions – are you only interested in battling or are you looking for a tank that will enable you to roam and shoot at targets?

In the end, your decision as to how much to spend and which type of features you should look for depends on your needs.