Many years of flying 3D planes, fast jets and wings, my path has finally shifted towards  DLG Gliders, so i thought i would post some pictures of my favorite DLG planes, and by “favorite” i simply mean i would love to own. 🙂  DLG stands for  Discus Launch Glider which are typically smaller sized planes that weigh between 6 and 15 ounces, but in theory, any plane that is light in weight and throw in the air by hand can be classified as a DLG. Now some of these models below are discontinued, never the less in my opinion, they look pretty wicked, how they perform under gravitational pull, is a different story.

Quick Note: Here in California, we have a company by the name of soaring USA, who carry pretty cool RC gliders with the absolute worst customer service i have experienced, try calling them with a question, that is if they pick up their phones.  So if you are out looking to purchase your first DLG glider, i would recommend Skip Miller Models as they seem to have great DLG planes along with great customer service.

FireFly UltraLight DLG Glope Glider

dlg gliders

Blaster 2 Lite DLG

Blaster 2 Lite DLG

Blaster DLG plane

Binary-900 V2.0 micro Discus Launched Glider

Binary 900 V2.0 micro Discus Launched Glider

Fireworks III SAL DLG

Fireworks III SAL DLG glider

Predator II DLG Glider

Predator-II DLG

Ultegra DLG

Ultegra DLG skip miller model glider

X-Ray Micro DLG

X-Ray Micro DLG

Fireworks 5 Flow DLG Glider

Fireworks 5 Flow DLG

Osiris Mk3 DLG Plane

Osiris Mk3 DLG

Solo DLG

Solo DLG rcplane

Spin DLG

Spin DLG