With high speeds and aerobatics, this is the wave of the future,  the  F-18 Jolly Roger EDF RC packed with a thrust vectoring system to allow the highest angle of attack.

Thrust vectoring was originally created to provide upward vertical thrust as a means of giving an aircraft vertical VTOL  takeoff and landing abilities.

This radio controlled  F-18 Jolly Roger Jet  is made out of EPO foam which gives the plane incredible durability, specially if you crash the plane. This is a first to offer a  90mm class jet that not only has a thrust vectoring unit, but its made out of EPO, my favorite foam.
Here are some more specs of the jet and some pictures of the F-18 Jolly Roger EDF.

F-18 Jolly Roger radio control plane

F-18 Jolly Roger RC jet thrust vectoring

Package Includes:

  • 90mm Ducted Fan
  • Brushless outrunner motor
  • 85A Brushless ESC
  • 11 * 9 gram servos
  • Decals applied
  • 10A UBEC
  • Electronic Delay system for the landing gear door
  • 360 Vectors system (included, but not installed)
  • Scale and Symbol CNC Landing Gear
  • Electronic Retracts System
  • Type E Canopy
  • Type F Canopy
  • Pilot


Wingspan : 1040mm (40.9 inches)
Length: 1450mm (57 inches)
Weight: 2500g (88.3 oz)
90mm Ducted Fan
Decals applied
Electronic Delay system for the landing gear door
Here is an example of thrust vectoring performed by a Sukhoi SU-33