Im not sure why im writhing about this F-86 Sabre EDF jet since im not a fan of EDF planes, but its safe to say it looks pretty wicked in that golden yellow color and full fiberglass work. Wing span at about 1038mm or 40 inches, this is one pretty jet that im sure will be a nightmare to throw knowing one crash and your beautiful fiberglass is cracked in half. Now i believe it has a hook on the bottom to bungee her up in the air, but that is just to much work to set up, at least for me.

The F-86 Sabre was the first US swept wing jet fighter and found fame in the 1950s Korean war. The Mig 15 was the only other airplane which was superior to the Sabre in terms of  armament. Yes this plane has a pretty wild history, and now in a form of a EDF fiberglass Jet for any edf lover.

Here are some pictures and Specs of the F-86 Sabre 90mm EDF Jet Fiberglass Electric Plane.

F-86 Sabre 90mm EDF Jet Fiberglass Electric rc

F-86 Sabre 90mm EDF Jet Fiberglass Electric Plane

Wingspan: 1038mm
Length: 960mm
Flying Weight: 2800g~3000g
90mm EDF
5-6 Channel

All Hardware
Fixed Under-carriage
90mm Fan Unit (5mm Shaft)