Wild Wing Build

This section we will talk about my method of building a wild wing combat rc plane. With over a year of trial and error and by the help of my rc friends at the field, this is the way i think the wild wing flies the best.

First here are some pictures of my wild wings, as you can see i like to cut a deep section from the back of the wing as i have found the flight characteristics are much more user friendly in every way including quicker barrel rolls, low ground flights, no stall and quicker recovery from free falls.

Here are some videos of the wild wings above in flight. The plans for this wild wing build should be up after the holiday season.

Here is my latest Wild wing, using a Mega 16/15/3 50amp BESC, 5×5 prop, on a 1750mAh 4 cell Lipo, 2x metal gear high Torque: 3.0kg/cm which is a must for a fast plane, also high Speed: .08sec which is also a must for a fast plane to make that quick turn.
Carbon Fiber stabilizers, top hatch for easy access, ultracote film for covering

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