Yak 54 3D RC Plane Plans

You may find the full instruction along with the actual Yak 54 3D RC Plane Plans here

To build this 3D plane, you must use bluecore or depron, i suggest bluecore as its much more durable to crashes, i used depron which was a mistake, i crashed mine once and taht was the end of it, i also made my way to heavy, so remember to keep the plane at 8 to max 12oz, the lighter, the better of course.

You can make this plane 30 or 36″ wing span, use a 3 cell battery maybe 800mah to keep it light, of course go with a brushless motor something like the AX 2308N 1100kv brushless Micro Motor

8×4 or 8×6 prop will be great.

Here is a picture of my final build which i mentioned ended up being 20oz way to heavy.

Yak 54 Foam Plane Homemade rc

Yak 54 Foam Plane Homemade rc

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