Hobby Classifieds

Use Our Classifieds to advertise your R/C Hobby items & events here FOR FREE! You can also look for friends in your area who have the same R/C interest as you, or look for groups that meet regularly that you can join. All pages are Google indexed so your audience stretches beyond the thousands of weekly visitors we have on this site. By opting for Premium Membership you gain advantages over free listings. Some examples of Premium Membership are:

  • Prime Post Position for 1 listing
  • Create your own chat room groups
  • Unlimited regular listings
  • Contact links and information
  • Promoted throughout the site
  • SEO software to garner better Google search results for your listing

You can find out about all the benefits of membership on this page

Please make sure you check through our T’s & C’s as well as our privacy policy.

Make sure all posts:

  • Can Be understood and have enough detail. At least 250 words to sell your item effectively and gain good Google traction for the listing.
  • Have video or photo images so people can see what you are selling.
  • ARE HONEST!! Do not try and scam people or mislead them. You will get banned.
  • Have comments answered quickly below the listing. people will have questions and will leave comments or message you directly.
  • Are not offensive or inappropriate. hassle someone through here and you will be banned.

We also state clearly that anyone caught using the messaging system to spam or harass members will be banned immediately. Any illicit use of our messaging system will also result in banning. Check out our T’s & C’s

Classifieds are for over 18’s only.

You can place your listings into the relevant categories in the classified section. Eg, R/C Cars, R/C Drones, R/C Boats etc

Check out our video at the bottom of this page to learn more about how to sign up and post in our classifieds.

Buy & Sell

Buy & Sell R/C Models

You can advertise your R/C Hobby items here FOR FREE! We have thousands of visitors looking to buy R/C equipment like you are selling and when you add the Google audience that turns into millions.

Groups & Events

R/C Groups & Events Classifieds

List your events, competitions and R/C groups here. You can also find a group or event near you through this section of the classifieds. You can grow your group size quickly and easily through here, whether it is an existing organization, or one starting from scratch.

Hobby Friends

Looking to find friends who are into the same R/C hobbies as you are? List yourself in our Hobby Friend section. You can also see who else is around your area looking for friendship and people to hang out with at the same time.

The Hobby classifieds of Sky High Hobby are a perfect opportunity for people to involve themselves in the R/C and hobby world in all aspects. We insist our 3 main rules for the site are respected:

  • Make Sure You Respect The Site
  • Please Respect The R/C Hobby World
  • Always Respect Each Other