Privacy Policy

Here we will explain what data we take from you, what we do with it and how we store it. We will also explain what you can do to remove your data from us and how we go about keeping that data safe.

  • We collect names and emails from all members. These are stored for us on Mailchimp secure servers. We keep this data so we can send newsletters with information about the site, the hobby world in general as well as any useful promotions that you may benefit from.
  • We always offer an unsubscribe option to all newsletters where you can remove yourself from our mail list
  • Our site is protected with an SSL certificate so all payment data is secure. You can see HTTPS at the beginning of our URL. we also use PayPal as a third party payment receiver. They are secure and have their own policies set out regarding protecting your personal data that you have with them. mail chimp are a secure 3rd party we use to store the names and emails we collect from the site. they too are protected and have their own privacy policy. None of your data can be used/sold by either of the above 3rd parties.
  • If you wish to change the email address or name we hold or take issue with us having this data you can email us through the site and we will immediately deal with it. Removal of data will likely result in the removal of your membership so please be aware of that. you are free to request that at any time
  • Should you cancel premium Membership or your free membership then you will be removed from the mail list should you request it or unsubscribe.
  • We do not share or sell information to third parties. All email data is stored on Mailchimp and used for our own newsletters.
  • 3rd parties can advertise through our newsletters if they are offering something relevant and useful to the community. Your data is not hared with a 3rd party who may want to advertise their wares or services through our newsletters.