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R/C Hobbies are important to all of us. They help us unwind, provide competition and a desire to get better. We also make great friends and perhaps even find love along the way.

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R/c models
Helicopter Stunts. Truly exhilarating

Why Are R/C Hobbies So Popular?

There are many theories as to why so many people like to drive R/C cars, or fly planes. I think the main ones are as follows.

  • Most people won’t get to drive/fly the vehicles in real life that they can drive in the R/C world
  • It can be inexpensive to get involved with and maintain
  • Great way to meet friends
  • Loads of clubs and places where you can drive/fly within a short distance from most people on the planet
  • Strong competitive edge if you want it

Basically the R/C world is only going to grow…what do you think are the main reasons it is so popular….popular enough to support a multi billion dollar industry globally?