Flying Basics

Radio controlled electric airplanes are best described as an addiction hobby. In this day in age, electric powered radio controlled airplanes are an easy and affordable way to learn the art of flying planes and can be much less expensive than comparable gas airplanes. Electric radio remote controlled rc airplanes provide an easy and fun way of getting started in the radio control airplane hobby. Ready to Fly (RTF) airplanes are planes that are ready to fly right out of the box, will always come with a transmitter (controller) a battery, a motor and a speed control. Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) airplanes are airplanes that need a little bit of work such as a battery, a receiver, a radio etc. to get it up in the air.

In my opinion, if you are a beginner in this addicting hobby, the best way to start is by purchasing a flight simulator that can be operated with a home PC computer. This method is a great way to get started for many reasons, one being this hobby is some what of an expensive hobby, if you crash your real rc plane, you will need to get new parts to fix it. with a Flight Sim, you can learn the art of using the transmitter and flying planes right in the comfort of your home and even if you crash, you will only need to press the space bar on your keyboard to get your plane back in action. In my opinion, the best flight simulators are RealFlight G4, Phoenix RC and AeroFly Professional Deluxe. It might seem a bit pricey but well worth it believe me. Another great way to get started in this hobby is to purchase a plane where you can fly with ease. A great beginner plane is called the Easy Star by Multiplex made of durable foam called Elapor similar to EPP foam. Its flight characteristics are stable and easy to control. The wings of the Easy Star are bent upward which makes the airplane self balance in mid air, also called dihedral wings.

Here is the Easy Star by Multiplex

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