Before you purchase this plane, although my review below is positive, i have NOT flown this plane so i cannot personally tell you how it flies, i also would like to add there customer services seems to be very poor, so purchasing a plane from AeroWorks could spell disaster. Few People have also told me their airplanes are on the heavy side so be aware of this as well.

On that note, here is what i think of their Extra 260 electric 37″ electric RC plane.

So what makes the Extra 260 by AeroWorks one of the best flying 3d planes? In my opinion, it would have to be the super thin airfoil and of course the horizontal wing stabilizers. An airfoil in general produces a lifting force that acts at right angles to the airstream and a dragging force that acts in the same direction as the airstream. High-speed aircraft usually employ thin, low-drag, low-lift airfoils; slow aircraft that carry heavy loads use thicker airfoils with high drag and high lift. Some might argue a 3D plane should have a thicker symmetrical airfoil for slower flight characteristics and better stability, but i would have to disagree, especially when it comes to electric rc planes.

Better knife edging, when windy thinner airfoil reacts better with the wind giving you a more stable flight, snap rolls react faster, overall, a thinner airfoil makes the plane lighter in weight.

This 37″ wingspan AeroWorks Extra 260 seems to be the only electric plane its size that offers a thinner airfoil, hence making this plane one of my favorite electric 3d planes in the market.

electric rc AeroWorks Extra 260 EP-3D 37 plane
electric rc AeroWorks Extra 260 EP-3D blue plane

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