Aurora Spy Plane which has been called to be a myth, seems to be a great stealth plane to build as an RC plane.

In 2006, aviation writer Bill Sweetman said “Does Aurora exist? Years of pursuit have led me to believe that, yes, Aurora is most likely in active development spurred on by recent advances that have allowed technology to catch up with the ambition that launched the program a generation ago.”

Funding of the Aurora Spy Plane allegedly reached $2.3billion in 1987 according to a 1986 document obtained by Aviation Week.

So weather this Aurora spy plane really does exist by our government or Area 51, i think the design is nothing short of a simple flying delta wing with an extended nose.

of course it is said that the actual plane is built with titanium, super light and strong, why not build some plans and make a nice foam RC Aurora Spy Plane?

here are some pictures of the Aurora Spy Plane.

aurora  spy plane rc



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