Personally, i do not enjoy spending $140 on a speed controller (ESC) for my planes, the price is to steep for my pocket, but being in the RC hobby, i was forced by my own will to at least purchase one and see what all the hype was. So here i am after a solid -$140 “well spent” which ill explain why in a bit, i got myself a Castle Creations Phoenix 80 Brushless ESC.

I originally purchased this ESC for my wild wing running on a 5S Lipo with a Medusa inrunner motor, outputting a solid 1200 watts, click here to watch the video, there is nothing negative i can say about the Phoenix 80 except for its price. After about 50 or so runs, i connected the esc for one more flight and noticed a bright light which was a circuit burning and a loud popping sound, yup the esc had seen its last day, which brings me to the reason why it was worth spending $140. I sent the ESC back to Castle Creations and sure enough they replaced it with a brand new one. Here is the picture below. So thank you CC


Now if you own a Castle Creations ESC, you will most likely need to program it, so thanks to Bob at the field i fly at, he gave me a Castle Link USB Programming Kit.

If you don’t have one, i assume you can find one from ebay or amazon or directly from Castle.

With this Kit, you will need a Mini USB Data Cable which i had from my Sony Camera. You will also need the Castle Link Software V3.26, click here to download it.

If you get stuck and need help on how to use the software, click here to download the PDF user guide for the Castle Link Software

Now if you want a cheaper alternative with pretty much the same functionality, i would go with the Turnigy Super Brain 80A Brushless ESC at around $52.26

Turnigy Super Brain 80A Brushless ESC

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