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The Global Hawk is a wicked design originally designed by Northrop Grumman, formerly known as Ryan Aeronautical, is a remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) used by the United States Air Force as a spy plane. In order to increase the aircrafts stability, the airframe was redesigned with the nose section extruding outward further than a regular plane and wings being stretched for maximum airtime gliding/stability and internal payload ( carrying heavy cameras and equipment ), making it a perfect designed airplane for long distance missions.

This Electric GlobalHawk has a wingspan of 2 meters using a 5 bladed 70mm ducted fan unit ready to be used with a 4,000kv brushless motors. Slap on a camera to this globalHawk and take beautiful pictures or video that will produce stable imaging.

Here are the Spec. of the plane
Wing Span : 2000mm / 78.7in
Length : 768mm / 30.20in
Wing area: 25.4dm2
Height: 273mm / 10.75in
Net weight: 341.9g / 0.75lb
Flying Weight: 1100~1200g
Servo: 4x9g (Not included)
Motor: 28-XX Brushless outrunner 3500~4000kv (Not included)
ESC: 40A (Not included)
Duct fan: 70mm
Shaft size: 3~3.17mm

Your own TX & RX
4x 9g Servos
28-XX Brushless Motor 3500~4000kv
Lipo Battery 3S or 2S

Here is a picture of the actual Plane below



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