The origenal FunJet from MULTIPLEX is one of the fastest and funnest foam jet airplanes in its class but many modelers are still not satisfied. So Multiplex has created an even faster and more stable jet, the new FunJet ULTRA. If you’re an adrenalin junkie, then this will really skyrocket your pulse. This model gives you the ultimate boost of speed while still exhibits a surprising level of precision when guided through audacious aerobatic manoeuvrings. The FunJet ULTRA needs considerable structural strength to survive such flying and this it gains from higher-density foam and a few extra spars in the wing. But the key to its performance is the new and more potent power system:

straight out of the box the model accelerates to more than 200 km/hr and flies as true as an arrow – it really is ULTRA-fun!

• Easy to hand-launch
• Direct, precise control response
• Capable of speeds in excess of 200 km / hr
• Smooth, docile handling even at high airspeeds
• Dual-axis control (aileron / elevator) plus throttle
• Relatively low wing loading for docility at low speed; easy to land
• Anodised aluminium motor bulkhead – helps to keep the motor cool
• Smart finish
• Robust airframe survives quite hard landings
• Very easy to transport

funjet-ultra-multiplexfunjet ultra

Here is a video of my friend Hectors funjet ultra which i test flew on a 4S. This bad boy did a 135MPH + on a straight away

Specs are:
135mph + Funjet Ultra using a Neu 1115-1y inrunner motor, 100 amp castle creations phoenix, 4S 2250mAh 45C thunder power lipo, 5×5 pro

and here is the video of the Funjet Ultra super fast setup