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This community is solely for those who love the world of R/C Hobbies. We run a friendly community, with our sole goal to inform and update about all things R/C.

Join thousands of radio Control enthusiasts each week who catch up on the news, read the latest articles, check out the latest classified ads and contribute posts and comments. You guys are what makes this place so informative, friendly and helpful to readers.


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Can I Learn About R/C Hobbies Here?

YES!! All content is aimed at beginners or experts. You will pick up insights into all aspects of the R/C world. Through articles and comments, you will be able to pick the brains of some of the most experienced hobbyists to help improve your game.

We welcome articles from newbies too as often they will be able to offer help to other newbies who are going through similar trials and tribulations as themselves. The whole purpose here is to share information and help each other along!


We here at Sky High Hobby want to welcome everyone to the site and thank everyone for their support. Thanks for the articles and comments…..the users are the ones who really make this a special place for all of us involved in the R/C Hobby world!

Please be kind enough to show your support by using our store. It helps keep the community running, as does becoming a premium member, which comes with untold numbers of benefits and privileges. We link to only the best priced R/C products on the internet from our store pages. 


Our 3 golden rules.