Sky High Hobby Community Relaunch

Published: June 27, 2019


Categories: R/C News

Sky High Hobby has officially relaunched as a prime RC & hobby world community.

Starting as a mostly RC Plane group we decided as more people came on board…..and topics grew to being more than just about RC planes….that we would expand the site and what we offer and really give the community a platform to grow on.

So What Did We do?

We decided to make all commenting, posting and some other benefits like the classifieds a membership based ability. However it is a free membership unless you want the extras premium provides for you. This meant we could manage the information effectively should anyone try to behave inappropriately.

We added the following capabilities:

  • Classifieds
  • More RC & Hobby Niches To talk About
  • Commenting
  • Social Hubs on Facebook & Instagram
  • You Tube Channel
  • Article Posting For Members
  • Store With Competitively Priced RC Goodies
  • Messaging Service With Live Messaging Capabilities
  • Merchandise. Help Support The Site By Buying Our Quality Hobby Merch
  • More Article Writers To Offer Alternative Perspectives On All Things RC

Are We selling Out?

Absolutely not. Any money we make here goes to the running of the site/community and making this place an interactive gem for those who want to discuss and read about RC Models and Vehicles.

Premium membership offers a great experience and privileges for the money that is paid….which is far cheaper than many other forums and communities on line at the moment.

So For the Future

We want to expand and allow RC and Hobby writers to gain a bigger audience through our platform. This is a likelihood as our readership and visitors continue to grow in their thousands…something we here at SHH are incredibly grateful for.

If we can grow the classifieds section to take advantage of our large number of visitors then that will help a lot of sellers sell directly into a market place that is looking for items exactly like the ones they are providing to market.

whether you are into RC Drones, Planes, Cars, Trucks or Helicopters, Model Trains etc…we want to continue to offer a place where you feel happy to share experiences, information and stories. Knowing there are plenty of people eager to read what you have to say and either agree or offer a different point of view.

we look to add 3 D model templates and a great deal of discount codes etc for our visitors over the coming months, years too.

So let’s all go forward with the new and improved Sky High Hobby. Sign up for free and join the party!!! Also get 10% off all purchases as a member.