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At first glance, this jet looks like the famous micro jet from multiplex which has been discontinued for many years….The MicroJet had a wingspan of 26 inches, extremely small jet wen it comes to radio control, the smaller the jet, the harder it becomes to control the plane, this was not the case with the microJet as the roll rate and agility of a model of this size are at… Continue reading

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Moneyshot 3D is fairly a new 3D electric plane by hobby king, and to me, it seems to be a knockoff of the famous Addiction X 3D by Precision Aerobatics, at least the wings look fairly similar. I have not flown the Moneyshot 3D, but lets compare it to the Addiction X. Precision Aerobatics has one of the worst customer services in the RC hobby world. They are extremely rude to their customers, getting this vital piece of information out of my chest, lets continue.

Wingspan of the addiction X 3D is 1270mm, wingspan of the Moneyshot 3D is 1350, a difference of 80, yes i know im a genius in mathematics.
Length of the addiction is 1331MM and 1314MM for the moneyshot.
Flying Weight of the addiction X is around 1200 Grams, and the moneyshot sits around 1460 Grams, a bit heavier than the addiction X, but in return, the frame might be more rigid then the addiction as ive seen a few people cracking the fuse of the addiction by simply holding it preflight.

PAAX asks for a 3S lipo while the moneyshot asks for a 4S lipo, and my guess is due to its extra 200 some grams of weight.

Compairing the pictures below, its safe to say the addiction X looks much slicker in every aspect, including the price tag at $235 while the Moneyshot 3D looks decent enough for being an almost knock off of the addiction, priced at $99. I can only speak of the addiction as i have flown it and it flies like a dream, if any one has tried the moneyshot 3D, i would love to hear your story and how she flies.


Precision Aerobatics Addiction X
precision aerobatics Addiction\ X red



Moneyshot 3D by Hobby King

moneyshot elecric hobbyking 3d plane

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