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I would love to call this the Bat Wing, but Darkwing seems to fit well on this wicked FPV drone flying wing by HK. A wing span of 1727mm, its a perfect design for stability and enough wing surface to keep this beautiful fiberglass composite flying wing sky high.

The fuselage and winglets are made from sturdy fiberglass and the wings are made from balsa wood and monocoted for… Continue reading

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Now for the second wicked looking EPP plane by Multiplex that is due this summer is the Multiplex Xeno. As a delta wing lover, ive owned a zagi, wild wing, wing worrior and such, so you can see the excitement in my eyes, or in my typing in this case when i heard about the Xeno. Now im thinking Multiplex was the company who bought out the wild wings, so they can release the Xeno the summer of 2009, hmmmm

in any case, check out this wicked 49″ wing span, made of hard EPP foam, 14oz, Wing Loading: 4.1/4.7 oz/sq ft (12.5/14.5 g/sq dm). Here is a picture of the Xeno

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