Are you a beginner RC pilot? Do you want to learn the art of flying radio controlled planes? Well look no further, this beauty is just the plane for you.
Here is the Dynam Hawk Sky brushless powered glider which is made out of durable EPO foam and is provided as a Ready To Fly model.

Powered by a 3 cell 11.1V 1800mah Lithium Polymer battery, we are sure you will soar the sky and learn the art of flying RC planes. This package includes everything, from a 4 channel radio to a Dynam NE-KO4 72Mhz 4 channel Transmitter and the Dynam 5 channel receiver, including a matching crystal set.

Here is a video of the Hawk Sky in action.

Sale price: $99.70

Dynam 4Ch Hawk Sky Electric Glider RTF

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