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At 1600mm wingspan, this speed glider also some call it hotliner or warmliner is one to get excited about. The name comes from its sword like features and design, with beautiful decals, she comes with a 800Kv outrunner motor spinning a  13×7 carbon fiber propeller and a 60A Aerostar ESC. Add your own 4S 1800-2200mAH lipo battery and you are set for a fun filled sky high experience. This model just like… Continue reading

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i love this combination, a sailplane that is also a glider and a hotliner at the same time. With the right setup, you can sail the sky with or without wind, you can rip the sky like a hotliner or simply glide at will. This is a 69″ wingspan glider with some serious flying characteristics. The specs suggests to use a 3S lipo on a 1800kv outrunner motor, but i would use the MicroDAN 2505-2900 Kv outrunner on a 4S 1000mAh lipo and a 45Amp ESC, keeping the plane super light and at the same time powerful. a 5×5 prop will do or for more thrust, you can use an APC 6 x 4, 20200 RPM, 9.98V, 30A, 25oz Thrust.
Here are some pictures of the Samurai ARF RC Sailplane Glider Hotliner

Samurai ARF RC Sailplane hotliner

Wingspan: 69 in.
Length: 41-3/4 in.
Wing area: 462 sq in.
Flying Weight: 33 oz. (with battery)
Fiberglass fuselage w/aluminum motor mount
Carbon fiber tailboom
Sheeted foam wings w/genuine Oracover
2820 Brushless Outrunner motor 1800kv
45A Brushless ESC
30mm Aluminum turbo spinner
10×6 Carbon filled prop blades Continue reading

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