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With high speeds and aerobatics, this is the wave of the future,  the  F-18 Jolly Roger EDF RC packed with a thrust vectoring system to allow the highest angle of attack.

Thrust vectoring was originally created to provide upward vertical thrust as a means of giving an aircraft vertical VTOL  takeoff and landing abilities.

This radio controlled  F-18 Jolly Roger Jet  is made out of EPO foam which… Continue reading

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As RC pilots, we want to own every single rc plane or heli that comes out in the market, but as we all know, we cant have it all……or can we? lol

This little plane is one that i must have, its the micro E-Flite UMX Sbach 342

The Sbach 342 is one of the most beautiful designed micro 3d planes that i have seen in the RC… Continue reading

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