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The Fastest R/C Fighter Jets

Published: July 4, 2019


Categories: R/C Military Vehicles

The fastest R/C fighter jet in the world, piloted by Niels Herbrich, achieved the amazing speed of 749.221 km/h (465.544 mph). You can watch it fly here.

What are R/C Fighter Jets?

R/C fighter jets use EDFs (electric ducted fans) to fly faster than traditional planes. These remote controlled airplanes have a lot of followers, and that’s no accident! This article will talk about the fastest jets in the world, facts about them, and their most important features.

Why are they so fast?


The fans or propellers are installed inside a tube, enabling them to push the air with more force. This helps these devices reach enviable speeds. R/C jets are also more powerful than conventional RC airplanes. They’re a bit harder to fly, so they’re not recommended to absolute novices. Here is some more information about the fastest jets on the market.  

Great Planes F-16: Most Versatile

The F-16, masterfully recreated by ElectriFly, combines top speeds with a very appealing exterior. The jet features a HyperFlow™ fan unit and brushless motor (high-performance Ammo™). The stabilizer and built-up wings are covered in MonoKote film, and the fiberglass fuselage is factory-painted. Elevator, aileron, and rudder controls bring about highly precise landings and high-velocity maneuvers.

The jet comes with a profile pilot, bungee launcher, and display stand.

Product facts:

·         Motor:  Ammo 24-45-3790

·         Fan Size: 56mm HyperFlow

·         ESC: GP Silver Series 35A

·         Length: 34.5 in (875 mm)

·         Weight:            32 – 34oz.

·         Wingspan: 22.5 in (570 mm)

The plane impresses with its sleek appearance from just about every angle. It can reach a speed of up to 90 mph. Its stabilizers and wings are removable using aluminum sockets and carbon blade spars for easy transport.

Most Efficient: Habu 32 DF

This jet features pre-hinged control surfaces and a highly efficient no cheater hole duct design. It is flap ready with machined aluminum wheels, optional landing gear doors, and quick-release access cockpit / hatch deck. Battery access is easy via canopy hatch. There is also a hatch for the fan unit.

The highly efficient intake and exhaust ducting of this jet enables forceful thrusts when powered with the right battery, which would be a high-C 6S Li-Po in this case. Even experienced pilots are amazed by the exhilarating speeds it’s capable of.

The plane’s level of finish and fit is just as impressive as its speed. The sleek fiberglass fuselage integrates the vertical stabilizer and is factory-painted. The manufacturer has reinforced the horizontal stabilizers and fully-sheeted wings with carbon blade spars. They feature original UltraCote covering. This plane can reach up to 100 mph.

Most Accurate Copy of a Famous Fighter: Freewing CF-86 Sabre

Modeled after the North American F-86F that infamous Air Force Captain Clifford D. Jolley flew (Jolley Roger), the Freewing F-86 amazes not only with its speed, but also its accurate proportions and scale appearance. What’s even better is that performance hasn’t been sacrificed in the name of perfect proportions! In those terms, the Sabre uses a powerful 1680kV motor combined with new 80mm 12-blade EDF with metal housing to produce almost 7 pounds of thrust for incredible maneuverability and breathtaking speed.

Everyone at the field will be captivated by the sound the 12 blade EDF produces, which is not unlike the sound a gas turbine jet makes. The Sabre has the following additional features:

o   9g precision servos

o   80A Hobbywing ESC

o   Electronic retracts with full metal shock absorbing struts

o   Steerable, shock absorbing nose gear for enhanced ground maneuverability

o   Independently controlled elevators

o   Nylon hinges on all control surfaces (superior to foam hinges)

o   Carbon spars and EPO foam construction

o   Preinstalled servos, outrunner motor, ESC and EDF

o   Magnetically removable drop tanks

o   Scale drop down flaps

The Sabre is AMA-compliant thanks to the metal EDF housing and composite fan blades. There are no flying restrictions because the blades themselves aren’t metal. Realistic details include scale drop tanks, hand painted pilots, machine gun turrets, a very detailed graphics package and airfoil panel lines.

The jet requires the following:

§  6 Channel Receiver

§  6 Channel Radio 

§  6 Cell 22.2V 4000 mAh lithium battery equipped with EC5 connector

§  6 Cell Compatible Battery Charger

Best Fighter with Stealth Capability: Freewing EDF Jet F-22 Raptor


This fighter jet is the first 5G fighter in the world featuring the latest technology with stealth capacities, precision combat capacity, and improved computer-monitored agility.  The Freewing is the future of modern air warfare, and its cutting edge tech continues to be a hallmark for all Fifth Generation fighters. The Freewing EDF Jet “F-22 Raptor” is officially licensed by the Lockheed Martin corporation.

It has the following main features:

§  True to life scale maneuver capacity

§  Exceptional agility at high speeds

§  Great stability at low speeds

§  One of the highest maximum speeds among all products of this brand

§  Large battery bay to fit either 8S or 6S battery easily

§  Efficient, balanced, powerful EDF power system with 9 blades  

§  Blend of graduated paintwork and sharp panel lines

§  Realistic decals

§  High quality materials (aluminum, steel, carbon fiber, nylon, and wood)

§  More than 12 different colors and subtle shades in satin, metallic, and matte finishes

To protect against heat damage, the cockpit is lined with thin plastic. Plastic trays house servos for easy removal and servicing. There are nose gear doors sequenced with magnet assist and grass-capable suspension landing gear.

You can download 3DPUP sets, including Static Display Weapons Bay Set and Cockpit Set, for free.

The main wings are easy to disconnect using ribbon wire cable, minimizing the load on the electronic connections. There is screw assembly for all flying surfaces and ball bearing – supported horizontal stabilizers. LEDs make future expansion possible. The jet is capable of expert maneuvers as well as stable, smooth, and slower flight for less experienced pilots.

Final Thoughts

EDF jets are a normal next step for R/C plane fans because they offer greater agility and power. The fast fighter jets reviewed here all make it possible to reach performance levels that are unattainable with traditional R/C planes. They are what you need to grow and improve your R/C piloting skills!

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