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What Stunts & Activities Can We Do With RC Vehicles?

Published: August 2, 2019


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There are tons of stunts you can try with RC vehicles – bowling, playing soccer, even painting. These RC games can be combined into day-long pastimes or pursued on their own. They can be adapted to all ages and all skill levels. The ones we’ll describe in this article are for RC cars and trucks, but those aren’t the only vehicles capable of stunts by any means! Check this out if you were wondering if RC tanks can really fire!

RC Bowling

Transform your RC truck or car into a real-life bowling ball. You can set up an improvised bowling alley on pavement or grass depending on what’s best for your vehicles.

Mark a lane with spray paint, rope, string, or rows of stones. Make it wide so there’s enough room for your vehicle and bowling pins and long enough to develop good speed. Set plastic pins up or, if you don’t have any, use tin cans, plastic soda bottles, or milk jugs. To keep them from falling over too easily, put a little sand in.

The rules are the same as those of real bowling. Alternatively, you could simply count the pins and choose a winner after a certain number of times.

To knock down as many pins as possible the first time around, try to drive your vehicle as straight as you can down the lane. You can’t turn around after you’ve gone through them. If there are some pins left standing, attempt to knock them down the second time.

Tires going outside the track are classified as a gutter ball. Does only one tire need to cross the line or more than one to be a gutter ball? It’s entirely up to you.

RC Soccer

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You can play RC success in teams or one-on-one. You can have as many participants as you want if it’s possible to avoid frequency issues. Use the vehicle to move the ball in your scaled-down field. Your opponent (or opponents) will attempt to push the ball the opposite way. Pros as well as beginners can play this game, which is really great. Speed isn’t all that important.

You can use any ball the RC cars or trucks can push. Beach balls work just as well as soccer balls. Play with a ping pong or tennis ball if your vehicles are very small. Mark your field boundaries with a rope, plastic traffic cones, rock, string, or spray paint.

Use large boxes (the bigger the ball, the bigger the box) for your goals or use child-sized soccer goals or just place two plastic traffic cones a short distance apart—score by getting the ball between the cones.

You can follow football, soccer, or basketball rules or make your own. At half-time, do minor maintenance and refuel if needed.

RC Art Competition

For this, you’ll need a few poster board sheets or really big sheets or rolls of paper. The bigger your vehicle, the bigger paper size you’ll require. Get some jars or tubes of paint. We don’t recommend investing in expensive paint. As this might get messy, it’s best to use a set of old tires. You need a stopwatch or regular watch for timed competitions, or just use your phone’s stopwatch.

Hard surfaces work best, but grass is OK too. Spread your paper on the ground and weigh it down with something to prevent it from shifting around. To coat the tires, put some more paper down to roll the car through in a place where the paint can be poured.

Start Painting

This is the easiest part. All you need to do is drive your RC to spell out words or paint a picture with paint on one or more of the tires. It’s a fun pastime for the whole family.

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