Where Is The Best Place To Fly A Stunt Kite

Where Are The Best Places In The World To Fly A Stunt Kite?

Published: August 2, 2019


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We know you’re really excited to try some stunt kite tricks and all that’s left to decide is where the best place to fly a stunt kite is. You can fly a kite practically anywhere, even indoors. The best places, however, have three salient features: no obstacles, steady and smooth wind, and large open spaces. The farther away you are from a tree or building, the better. Also, don’t fly near power lines. Turbulent air has an adverse effect on flying. Ocean beaches have some of the best winds.

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Where Are The Best Places to Fly a Kite in the US?

The best place in the Golden State is Caesar Chavez Park (Berkley) with its almost 100 acres of rolling fields. In summer, the winds can be quite strong. It’s best to have a vented kite.

Other great places in CA are Huntington Beach, Mission Bay Park, El Mirage Dry Lake (good for land sailing and kite buggying), Crissy Field, Baylands Park, and Angels Gate Park.

The best place in Colorado is Arapahoe Community Park in Englewood. It is well-maintained, flat, and the wind is perfect. There are ten soccer fields here.

In Washington D.C., the best place in Washington Monument Grounds. If you live in Florida, don’t miss Siesta Key Beach in Sarasota. There are at least six pilots here daily from January to April and nobody gets in anyone else’s way. On weekends, the place is popular with the Sun Coast Kite Club. According to experts, this is the best beach sand on the continent. The on-shore breezes are gentle and constant.

Another great place in the Sunshine State is Haulover Park, a pleasant, large open field between the beach inlet and the ocean. There is a kite store selling parts nearby. It’s a fun day for the whole family. All kinds of kites can be flown – sport kites, single line, and multiline. In summer, the wind is gentle. It is strong in winter. People fly kites here all year round unless it is snowing. There are professional instructors on all kinds of kites, whose services are free.

What About Stunt Kiting In Hawaii?

The best places in Hawaii are Sandy Beach (Honolulu) and Kite Beach at Kahallui, Maui. One possible downside of the latter are the rough and tumble winds. There can be sudden changes and gusts of up to 30 mph.  Tricky weather perhaps, yet great fro the experienced kite flyer.

Pilots in Indiana, Kansas, and Maine shouldn’t miss Walker Park (Elkhart), Heritage Park (Olathe), and Old Orchard Beach respectively. In Illinois, a great place is Lincoln Park – Cricket Hill. An open, flat, and big spot for kite flying in Massachusetts is UMass Amherst Soccer Fields (Amherst). Two other nice places are Nara Park (Acton) and Danehy Park (Cambridge).

·         Minnesota: Spring Lake Park Reserve 

·         Mississippi: West Ship Island 

·         Michigan: Grand Haven State Park, Desmond Landing (Port Huron)

·         Nebraska: Memorial Park (Omaha)

In Wisconsin, there are two super places: Veterans Park (Milwaukee) and Blue Harbor (Sheboygan). The latter is easily one of the best places to fly in the US. Winds are consistent, the large surface area is unobstructed, and there are breathtaking views of Lake Michigan everywhere.

Finally, the places to be in Nevada are Desert Breeze Park and Silver Bowl Sports Complex, both in Las Vegas, and Ivanpah Dry Lake. The last one is a favorite spot for land sailing and kite buggying.

Where Is The Best Place to Fly a Stunt Kite in Europe?

Experienced pilots from all over Europe flock to Ballynamona, Shanagarry in Cork, Ireland. There is a giant, lovely beach here. Winds are strong throughout the year, so smaller sized kites are best.

Where is The Best Place to Fly a Stunt Kite in Puerto Rico?

Middles Beach in Isabela is a continuous breach stretch between Rincon and Isabela in the northwest part of the country. Right before a low dune near the ocean, there is a wide flat space that’s perfect for flying. Wind speed is around 15 mph most of the year.

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