Airtronics 802 Sub Micro Digital Servo

Published: October 20, 2011


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I recently spoke with a fellow over at RCgroups, a very helpful individual, who informed me about the Airtronics 802 Sub Micro Digital Servo’s. I personally have never used these 802’s but by the looks of it, these could be the top sub micro servos, specially if you crash  your RC plane often, these servos take a beating and keep on ticking.

These servos are perfect for DLG planes, specially for the wings.

7.5 grams,  light weight, and precision is the key.  Use them in your  Foamies,  Glider Ailerons, HLG/DL Gliders,  As a world leading electronics manufacturer, Airtronics is dedicated to achieving higher levels of  consistent quality control. I have read all this and have been informed, so now i will run along and purchase a couple and put them to the test. 🙂

These are not cheap servos, a price tag of $35 a unit. Of course you can go the cheaper rout and get yourself the HXT 900 servos for under $4, they work great, same weight as the Airtronics 802, but they are sure to go sour after your first crash or 20th flight 🙂

Airtronics 802 Sub Micro Digital Servo