Buy and Sell

All content contained within your classified posts must be unique, not copied.

Got R/C equipment you want to sell? Don’t want to pay huge Ebay fees? Maybe you want to buy something and want a good deal. Then welcome to Sky High Hobby’s very own Buy & Sell Community. Make sure all content in the post is unique and not copied.

You can check out this page if you want to know how to upload your posts.

  • You can upload your products and sell for FREE
  • All pages are Google indexed and will be able to rank for high traffic keywords
  • Add images and videos to enhance your listing
  • Receive and send messages within the site to improve the chances of selling your item
  • We prioritise Premium Members when it comes to promoting the listings through our social media channels.

Reach A Wide Audience

The world of buying and selling R/C models and equipment is a very competitive one. Google listings for products can be very hard to rank well for. Our listings are all indexed and can rank well, allowing you a larger audience to target with your listing.



There are a number of things you should do:

  • Make sure you have about 250 words to describe your product accurately. What it can do, its spec, condition. Explain why it is worth the money and any specifics that will be important to buyers. Add relevant keywords into your content/headings…like… R/C car for sale. This helps get Googles attention.
  • Use Vids and images to attract more people. If they are good enough, we can even promote videos on our You Tube channel.
  • Share your post through your social media, become a member of our social groups and share it there too!

You can watch the video at the bottom of the page to see exactly how a listing can be made in the Buy & sell classifieds.


There are many advantages to Premium membership listed on the sign-up page. The main ones are:

  • SEO software to make listings rank better
  • Removes site adverts from your listing
  • Place your contact info/link
  • Unlimited listing ability
  • Highlighted listing that is placed ahead of free ones

Remember to keep an eye on comments and messages from people enquiring about your item. The quicker you respond the higher your chance of selling!

  • Add links or spammy content…. listings will be removed
  • Place listings that attack another person or company
  • Harass other users through the messaging system…it is not a spamming tool
  • Try to add contact info/links unless Premium Members
  • Use copied content. All content must be unique