Darkwing FPV Drone Fiberglass Composite Electric Flying Wing

Published: February 20, 2012


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I would love to call this the Bat Wing, but Darkwing seems to fit well on this wicked FPV drone flying wing by HK. A wing span of 1727mm, its a perfect design for stability and enough wing surface to keep this beautiful fiberglass composite flying wing sky high.

The fuselage and winglets are made from sturdy fiberglass and the wings are made from balsa wood and monocoted for a slick black flying wing with red minimal decals.   I love delta flying wings due to its stability, easy control surfaces ( 2 servos only ) for easy mixing, it has a pretty big hatch and fuse for any size Lipolys and FPV equipment. The only downfall in my opinion is the launching of the bird, it will be pretty difficult to hand launch it so a bungee must be used or a launch ramp, could be tedious for a bind and fly plane but putting all that aside, this is one mean looking black flying wing.

Specs are:
glassfiber fuselage
Massive payload capability
Plug in wings for easy transportation
Wingspan: 1727mm
Length (fuselage): 762mm
Wing Area: 49.3dm2
Dry Weight: 1400grams

Your own 4 channel TX/RX with delta mixing
42mm Brushless Outrunner motor
60A~80A ESC
2 x Standard size MG servo
3700mAh~5000mAh 4s Lipoly battery
FPV Equipment if desired.

In terms of servos, i would use the BMS-A206 MG Digital Mini Servo

BMS-A206 MG Digital Mini Servo

Here are some picturs of the Darkwing Electric  Flyign Wing

FPV Drone composite flying wing black

Darkwing FPV Drone fiberglass electric composite flying wing

fiberglass composite flying wing


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  • sam
    Author: sam Added February 20, 2012 в 21:51

    can anyone give me detailed drawings of this plane with measurements?