Micro Funjet Radjet 16 inch Wingspan Small Fast Electric Plane

Published: February 27, 2012


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At first glance, this jet looks like the famous micro jet from multiplex which has been discontinued for many years….The MicroJet had a wingspan of 26 inches, extremely small jet wen it comes to radio control, the smaller the jet, the harder it becomes to control the plane, this was not the case with the microJet as the roll rate and agility of a model of this size are at an extreme level, Nevertheless, the plane‚Äôs flying characteristics are nicely balanced and super easy to fly. Having said all this positive aspects of the microjet, well it was discontinued my bultiplex…what a shame…..

microjet multiplex

Now HK has a new super micro jet with a wingspan of 16 inches, using a 180mAh 2S lipo, this RadJet is made form EPS foam, a bit of a bummer since we love the EPO foam, but EPS is much lighter than EPO just as long as you keep the plane sky high with soft landings. This micro jet is almost RTF, as you only  need to purchase the lipos and have your own receiver. Lipos are only $1.58 each,  super cheap, it uses a high KV turnigy motor at 3000kv on a 6amp ESC with HK-5320 digital servos. My guess is, this super micro jet will fly on rails for its size, and thats thanks to its design as it mimics the microjet from its airfoil to its wing shape.

Powerful Brushless Outrunner Motor Specifically Wound for the Radjet 420
Magnetic Canopy Hatch
Servos, ESC & Motor Pre Installed
Decals Pre Applied
Control Horns on Upper Wing for Durability
Glue Included
Can be Assembled in Minutes
Wide Flight Envelope, Aerobatic & Fast with Excellent Slow Speed Handling
Wingspan: 420mm (16 inches)
Length: 378mm
Flying Weight: 75g
Servo: HK-5320 Digital 1.7g x 2
Motor: Specially wound 3000kv Brushless Outrunner

Your Own 4 Channel TX/RX with elevon mixing (compatible RX with 1.25mm Molex 3 Pin Connectors)
180mAh 2s Lipoly Battery

micro funjet radjet 16 wingspan electric plane

micro funjet radjet 16 inch wingspan electric planes

micro funjet radjet 16 inch wingspan electric planes