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Want to find a group or event that you can attend? Perhaps you want to place one and gain some new members. You can do both here at Sky High Hobby’s Groups & Events classified section. Here are some of the benefits of posting here:

  • You can upload any upcoming events for FREE
  • Pull in more members with a pot promoting your group
  • Google listing for all our classified posts
  • Use our messaging system to communicate
  • Add images and videos to help sell your event/group.

This page and the video on it, explains how you can add your posts to the site.

Let Us Help You Reach A Wide Audience:

The advantage of posting with us is the ability to gain a huge audience for your post. Not only do you get to be seen by the thousands of visitors we have coming to the site, but you also gain a post that is indexed on Google as its own page. You can draw in the millions of searchers from that platform alone.



Here are the top tips for a successful classified post here:

  • Use at least 250 words to describe your event/group. What people can do, times, activities, rules etc etc. make sure you use titles that contain keywords relevant to your group or event. Fill in all data regarding times etc at the top.
  • Get some decent images of your group or event …perhaps a video to really sell it to people. If the video is good enough, we will also send it through our You Tube channel.
  • Sign up to our social pages and make sure you promote it there.  This can really help reach a wide audience just the same as the search engines can.

You can check out the video at the bottom of the page to get a step by step process for posting.


Obviously, we are going to say YES to that. There are many advantages to getting a Premium Membership. You can go through the link to see them all…. but here are the main ones to consider.

  • Post is highlighted and listed before free ones
  • You do not have any of the site wide ads on your listing
  • You can add your contact info and a link to a website/social media page
  • The listing will also be promoted throughout the Sky High Hobby site
  • Priority Social Media promotion through our groups for Premium Members
  • Adding links to none Premium Member posts. They’ll be blocked & removed.
  • Spammy content that is of no value to anyone
  • Malicious content about another product or company
  • Content that is copied from elsewhere and not unique
  • Harassing/spamming other members through the messaging service