RC Plane Crash You Tube Sensation

Published: July 6, 2019


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A replica New Zealand 787 suffered a devastating RC Plane crash ….with the flight, and crash recorded by the flyer known as Ramy RC on You Tube. You can hear his reactions, as well as those from others there as well as the plane veered violently and crashed back to earth.

Video from You Tube & RamyRC’s channel

“Oh it’s smoking. Oh there’s fire” hello

“why it’s burning?”

“oh my God. She’s gone. She’s gone.”

The above quotes were taken from the video shown below as the group and RamyRc analysed the wreckage for the first time. You can see the damage is devastating to the fuselage once the camera starts to record the aftermath. The video has now received well over 2 million views since being uploaded.

RamyRc – YouTube

It all started so well, with the RC airliner taking off from the field with its new 70mm wheels that RamyRc had got from Hobby King. It flew majestically for a good 5 mins plus before taking a dive for the worst.

On reflection RamyRC had stated that the flying conditions were perfect.A friend had suggested the wing tips could have possibly played a part, “With these kind of wing tips, there’s no lift in there. The moment you go below 45, 50 degrees, you dramatically lose the lift,”

RamyRC added, “That’s true,” Ramy RC said. “If I was too slow, and…”  perhaps thinking speed more than the wing tips played the major part in the crash.

RamyRC had hopd to fly the NZ 777 in upcoming summer RC Plane events, now he has to get over the fact the plane is gone, something he can’t quite believe.

There are regular updates for his 209,000 You Tube subscribers. RamyRC still thinking the speed was at fault said, “Still not sure yet if it was too slow!” He finished by saying “Two other planes lost signal and crashed at the same spot that day, there will be another video soon about the crash.”

The Model NZ 777 pre crash. Thanks to RamyRC- You tube

What do you guys think caused the crash after watching the video? Do you think it was wing tips or speed, or have you noticed anything else that may have contributed to the downfall of this impressive RC Plane Model. Let us know what you are thinking in the comments below