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R/C Products


Certain products we sell in bulk to maximize value to our customers. When you incorporate shipping costs and a cheaper product it makes a lot of sense.

Why bulk buy?

  • Spares
  • Reduce costs
  • Share with or sell to your friends
  • Maximize shipping costs
  • Cover multiple models

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Can I Get High-Quality R/C Items As Well As Great Prices?


Yes, you can. We source the finest radio controlled equipment on the market at prices that suit members budgets. We ship out the same day, or on occasion, the day after ordering and that results in items being delivered very quickly to customers. Quality matters to us as much as affordable pricing.


Why Should We Buy From You?


  • Trusted R/C community with years of experience in the industry
  • Great Quality
  • Great Prices
  • Easy checkout system that is SSL protected keeping your data safe
  • Great discount for members of 10%
  • Great quality fashionable merchandise that really does contribute to helping with the running of the site 


How Do I Shop With You?


Simply search through the category that you are interested in, R/C cars for example, then look through the range of products in that category.

Alternatively, you can search through the entire store for all things R/C car, for example.

Leave reviews with products yo have purchased to let us know what you thought about your experience. Let others know what you think and help us improve if we have let you down at all. You can also leave a star rating.

You can email us any time with concerns, or use our onsite store chat facility. If that is taken up with a queue of queries you are always able to leave us a message on it and someone will get back to you ASAP.

Please read through our T’s & C’s  if you want to know our trading policies.


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